5 BPM Software Tools That Can Help Your Business Stay Ahead Of The Competition

To ensure a quick achievement of desired business goals, automate routine procedures, enhance personnel productivity, and drive business agility, companies are applying to professional BPM software tools – smart programs that can define and monitor business processes across all departments of an organization.

What is BPM software? BPM products allow for mapping the graphical charts of the to-be processes on an electronic canvas, thus, allowing the users to see a 360-degree view of their workflows. Such a holistic approach to the business process management helps the stakeholders identify areas that can be improved or steps that can be eliminated (optimized) within a process to promote the operational efficiency and speed.

By having an instrument to design and modify key business processes, enterprises can easily adapt to the ever-changing market environment and regulatory pressures, perform “what-if” scenarios at the stage of a process simulation to avoid risks and legislative penalties, and get enhanced performance tracking and reporting. To deliver these and other benefits, a good BPM system offers the next functionality:

  • Business process engine
  • Business rule management
  • Document management and sharing
  • Social collaboration tools
  • Integration and synchronization
  • Bulling/invoicing capabilities
  • Project management
  • Process analysis

Today’s BPM software market is so confusing and versatile that picking the right solution can be a daunting task. In the roundup below, we’ve reviewed the most powerful BPM tools that are really focused on your company’s success and profitability.


BPM software bpmonline

Bpm’online is a fantastic BPM product that earned a 100% user satisfaction. Widely appreciated for its sophisticated CRM, sales, marketing, and customer care capabilities, bpm’online is one of a few BPM giants on the market scene.

The platform provides an opportunity to develop and refine customer-facing processes on the fly, generate and automate tasks/actions that must be performed to create a value for the end-users, manage every step of a complete sales lifecycle, design customer engagement activities, and analyze the results.

By incorporating three different products for selling, marketing, and customer support into one bundle, bpm’online encompasses everything companies need to streamline an entire customer journey – from lead generation to repeat sales and follow-up service. Considered by right the best-in-breed cloud BPM technology to draw business processes and customer applications, bpm’online comes with:

  • Visual process designer and simulator
  • Process change tracking
  • Business rules management
  • Collaboration panel
  • Process analysis and dashboards
  • Multichannel marketing campaign management
  • Mobility
  • Lead capture, scoring and nurturing
  • Sales force automation including orders and invoices, field sales management, project management, contract management
  • Customer service tools including unified database, case management, contact center, SLA management

Flokzu BPM

Flokzu BPM

Designed exclusively for small-to-mid-sized companies, Flokzu provides an access to a powerful yet budget-friendly BPM system to document processes, put routine procedures on autopilot, and work on projects. Businesses can also benefit from the Flokzu’s reports which allow for keeping an eye on revenues, pipeline, inventory, and customer engagement. Automatic notifications, event-triggered alerts, and reminders ensure that the deadlines are met and process exceptions are addressed. In order to help organizations build and run everyday operations, cloud-based Flokzu offers functionality as follows:

  • Complete process lifecycle management
  • Workflow templates
  • Custom fields and forms
  • Access control
  • Analytics
  • Team collaboration
  • Task management
  • Internal messaging
  • Document management/sharing



The mission of the BizAutomation platform is to help small firms run all business procedures on one cloud system. Possessing solid CRM capabilities, this BPM software gives companies an ability to simulate processes in different scenarios so that they can fully comply with both customer demands and industry requirements. BizAutomation provides the functionality to empower members, teams, and departments with an intelligent working environment and fill all the communication gaps between a brand and consumers. The solution is compatible with the majority of business applications and integrates well with social networks. Other benefits of BizAutomation include:

  • Workflow management
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Customer management
  • Inventory management
  • Employee management

Intellect BPM

Intellect BPM

Mid-sized organizations looking to digitize and automate core business operations can dramatically benefit from the Intellect BPM software that promises to deliver fast return on investments and enable the staff work smarter with fewer efforts. Owing to the richness of capabilities, Intellect empowers its users to design, tune-up and launch enterprise-wide applications, workflows, and forms, ensure a consistent cooperation between personnel and customers, generate custom reports on processes and their owners, and solve project management issues. Intellect is notable for its numerous inbuilt modules:

  • Business process lifecycle
  • Workflow templates
  • CRM integration
  • Automatic notifications
  • Analytics and dashboards
  • Change management
  • Task management
  • Data mapping
  • Cloud and on-premise deployment



One of the most full-featured BPM systems, OptifiNow helps small and medium commercial companies create effective customer-centric processes and develop unique enterprise applications. This cloud BPM software is capable of automating routine daily activities of the sales professionals so that they extend their abilities to close deals faster. OptifiNow can send automatic emails, record incoming/outcoming calls, delegate tasks to the responsible managers, track the clients’ and prospects’ activity on the website and social media, and manage business rules without leaving a BPM program. The key capabilities of this cloud business process management solution are:

  • Sales force automation
  • Workflow management
  • CRM and social media integration and tracking
  • Lead management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Report builder
  • Task management









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