5 CRM solutions to move your business forward

Those who develop their business know how much time and effort it takes to deal with numerous customers: offers, complaints, requests – there are hundreds or even thousands of messages to be sent and read. To ease the task for your workers, you can implement one of CRM solutions online. This is an opportunity to establish successful relationships with potential and loyal customers and save on workforce considerably. Here are five splendid CRM products that will take your business to the next level.



Bpm’online offers CRM software for full-cycle management of sales, marketing and customer communication. This is an online platform that helps to improve customer service and maintain interaction with customers via different platforms: social media, emails, calls, personal meetings, etc. The main advantages of bpm’online software are as follows:

  1. Smart business process management platform allows aligning many different operations. Users don’t have to know coding language – control and navigation are simple and intuitive. With bpm’online solution, you will have agility to test, change and improve business processes in permanently changing business environment.
  2. The software can be used on premise, or as a cloud solution. It is compatible with different platforms including Android and iOS. Users will be able to keep in touch anywhere, anytime.
  3. Reasonable cost of service and per user per month payment basis make this solution affordable for small and middle-sized businesses.
  4. With seamless integration with third-party services, you can get customers’ contacts and personal information and keep it up-to-date.

Being regarded as one of the most prominent CRM solutions, this platform will definitely help you to establish long-term relationships with customers and maintain a perfect level of customer support.



Being praised for its adoptability, SugarCRM platform helps to gather every piece of mission-critical customer information and combines marketing, sales and service. As other best CRM solutions, it perfectly integrates with all applications in user’s environment. The program makes communication personalized and is thoroughly optimized to be used on various devices.

What makes SugarCRM software great for middle- and large-scale enterprises is the opportunity to unite business processes and collaboration. Down with repetitive processes and extra efforts! Now your employees will be aware of what tasks and issues are processed at the moment and may solve the questions collectively leaving comments and sending messages. Sugar CRM mobile native apps are supported by widespread models of phones and tablets.


Capsule crm solution

One of the most well-known online CRM solutions, Capsule CRM would be particularly useful for customer contact management. Using it, you will get ample information about people, businesses and services your organization works with. The platform allows:

  • tracking the entire customer history with the help of notes and emails (integrates with different client emails);
  • attaching documents, agreements, files and proposals;
  • managing tasks for every separate contact;
  • sharing information with co-workers.

You can segment contacts using tags and create custom fields for your personalized forms. Besides, social media may be used not only to gather information, but also publish news and updates and keep your clients informed about the company. To top it off, Capsule CRM displays pipeline statistics concerning every customer: the number of cases, last contacts, pipeline value, etc. One standout feature of the software is quick search that helps to find the organization and team you need.



The main advantage of cloud-based CRM solutions is their agility and affordability. Want to use a reliable solution? Then opt for CRM Dynamics from Microsoft Company. This is another versatile solution that can be used to organize sales and marketing, financial operations and customer relationships. It helps to manage cases and contracts, develop a knowledge base and team calendars, and optimize use of resources smartly. With CRMDynamics platform you can streamline customer support teams and create a unified call center to keep up successful communication.

The program has several hosting solutions, and you can also use it as an on-premise option. CRM Dynamics can be used on different devices, and would be suitable for organizations of any size. Beginners will particularly like this solution, because it comes with a consistent support service and the whole range of manuals and guides to boost sales.

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM

A simple but smart CRM system for small businesses, Less Annoying CRM is affordable and easy to implement. Thousands of minor companies around the world use this software and value it for three key benefits:

  • Fairly simple design with intuitive interface and minimum details. Setting up requires a few minutes, and after watching an introduction video any user will be able to navigate it freely.
  • Less Annoying CRM not only costs $10/user/month, but also comes with 30 days free trial. There are no Premium plans or hidden costs. Pricing policy is transparent.
  • If users have any questions or concerns, they can always make a call or send an email to contact the customer support. Besides, there are many live demos to help beginners understand what is what.

The platform features all necessary options: integration with other services and social media, storage and search of customer data, leads and pipelines, team calendar, hosting in the cloud.

With a proper CRM solution in place, your company will benefit from automation of tasks and improved customer communication. Satisfied clients mean higher conversions and more trust.

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