5 outstanding sales management software solutions

If your company needs assistance in dealing with sales processes and marketing campaigns, don’t hurry to hire consultants and more personnel. The best sales management software will align all processes in one platform and ease the task for your employees. Read about five superb solutions from the world’s most prominent developers.


bpmonline sales management software

This program can be either cloud-based or on-premise. What users love about it is the opportunity to manage the entire sales cycle including such aspects as:

  • lead generation and tracking of clicks;
  • personalized offers and emails;
  • multi-channel communication with customers;
  • deals;
  • long-term partnership;
  • post-sale service.

Bpm’online solution can be used on different platforms including iOS, Android, Linux and Windows. It is supported by a vast majority of devices, so users will always be able to access data anywhere and anytime. With in-built smart intelligence you can get sales forecasts and make process-driven decisions and personalized offers. Calendars, contact management, integration with third party services and social media – everything that you need is present in one program. Another undeniable benefit of this online sales software is agreeable payment. Besides, you can be sure about sensitive personal data: it is encrypted and thoroughly protected.

Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems crm sales

Easy and effective cloud sales software for B2B is offered by Really Simple Systems. It provides all you need for successful business process management:

  1. Scalability and customization. You are free to create forms with custom fields, personalize emails and send them without using third-party services: integration is already provided.
  2. Opportunity to grow your CRM with your business: there are different packages that can be suit your budget. You can also choose monthly or annual billing.
  3. In-depth reports and forecasting allow making process-driven decisions and maintain agility in permanently changing environment.
  4. Security permissions help to keep access to files under control and specify permission levels for your personnel.

Besides, Really Simple Systems justifies its name, because it can be easily navigated: users don’t have to be tech-savvy for that. You can train your staff in a matter of a few minutes, and use Sales & Marketing School to show them tricks, tips and ways to promote your brand and increases sale. They only need to register to access useful resources. A standout feature of this sales management software is Two-Way MailSync technology that gathers emails from and to contacts, records emails in accounts and synchronizes them. All in all, that would be the best software for sales management for small and medium sized organizations.



This software has the whole gamut of features for successful sales management. No matter what stage of sales you want to get under control, you will always have necessary tools to deal with them. So what are the most outstanding features of CRMPRO sales management software?

First, you can organize campaigns and not only send personalized emails, but also integrate with Microsoft Word, create Word templates and send SMS to different groups of customers. Secondly, workers won’t miss and even thanks to alerts and notifications displayed as screen pop-ups. Keep tabs on upcoming events and meetings to be abreast of what is happening in the team. Thirdly, tracking of deals and sales pipeline dashboard will give you a detailed vies of all sales activities. You will always be aware of contact history, deal size and even competitors’ information to improve your service. With this software for sales management your employees will always keep an eye out for new opportunities.



Middle- and large-size companies can opt for Mothernode software that provides the full spectrum of features for sales and marketing. It has different packages (for sales teams, marketing options, professional and enterprise) and is pretty affordable for developed organizations. This sales management software can provide you with:

  1. Account and contact management. Acquire customer information from different sources and social media. Synchronize it and create personalized offers, emails and SMS.
  2. Real-time business intelligence will help you to make the right decisions and analyze information. With forecasts and recommendations you will boost efficiency of sales and add to your revenue. Reporting is automated.
  3. With invoicing options and work orders you can perform many financial operations in the frames of this software. That simplifies user experience and eases task for the workers.

All personal information stored in Mothernode platform is properly secured. It can be accessed from both stationary and portable devices.



One of the most versatile sales management systems, Hatchbuck aligns sales, service and marketing and powers your business with numerous features and tools. Outperform your competitors using every opportunity you have – with Hatchbuck software you can take risks without being afraid.

This sales management software gathers customer information and analyzes information in real time to help you establish long-term relationships with clients and always keep them satisfied with your service. Most processes are automated: emails, notifications, data synchronization. All deals and campaigns are being tracked, so you will never miss any information. The intelligent built-in system gives users tips and recommendations concerning sales management and marketing.

Implement one of these sales software solutions, and soon your business will attracts many more customers and consequently, perform more sales.

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