5 Productive Service Desk Tools to Deliver Optimal Business Results

During just several past years customer service has migrated to the online world. The reason is that it’s easier and much quicker to ask questions or complain using e-mail or social networks rather than doing it in person. So today the best option for organizing your emails in customer service friendly way is service desk online software.

Service Desk

How to choose your solution?

How to find a solution for you business if you have specific needs, a lot of business functions, and terms to consider? Should it be BPM’online, Teamwork Desk or any other popular and well-known version of service desk tools?

Of course, it’s impossible for a company to test a lot of various products, so we recommend you some best solutions that you’ll surely find useful. We suggest you to compare the most popular software with highest user satisfaction rating at the moment.

All the options of help desk software are feature-rich products with a lot of possibilities for boosting business workflow and saving up time. They are user-friendly and totally integrable with other installed software which is very convenient. You can always customize them to your specific needs and even add your logo or change template colours.

Service desk software features:

  • optimal level of availability of services;
  • immediate turning e-mails into structured tickets;
  • high transparency of service processes;
  • one platform for all customer support abilities;
  • multiple integrations with ITsolutions of various kinds;
  • all interactions are displayed in a single page history which allows having the right context for every ticket;
  • differentiated pricing for all types of workflow intensity.

5 best solutions for establishing perfect relations with customers

All the represented help desk solutions are versatile and suitable for mid-sized and small businesses as well as for large enterprises. It’s possible due to wide range of customization options.

  1. BPM’online. The solution is a robust system of maintaining relations between businesses and customers. It proved its effectiveness for marketing, sales and service. The interface is user-friendly and keeps attention just on things which are relevant. It’s fully customizable and allows you to stay tuned to the new business environment.

bpmonline service desk

Main opportunities:

  • maintains customer service and account management;
  • possibility to change working processes according to your needs without additional coding;
  • the platform unites service and marketing with sales;
  • simple user design of processes of any complexity in different variations – branched or parallel.
  1. Vision Helpdesk. This multi channel service desk converts all communication into tickets and keeps them organized. It also gives possibility to monitor staff’s performing and progress. The dashboard provides an informative snapshot on tickets and current tasks. It’s good for supporting multiple companies with single database and different client portals.


Main opportunities:

  • allows you to manage various communication channels and integrate them into one system;
  • simple tracking of all responses through the visualization of tickets activities;
  • a set of templates to configure workflow makes managing faster;
  • possibility to implement rules for processing tickets and sending notifications to the inquirer.
  1. Teamwork Desk. This support desk software is a newcomer in the marketplace. The tool helps handle any customer support queries which come from different channels. It effectively accelerates the whole team’s performance by assigning tasks. Fast and fluid user interface makes workflow intuitive.

Teamwork Desk App

Main opportunities:

  • offers a set of products that work together in one application and good interaction;
  • instantly registers all  internal and external communication, including incidents, problems and requests;
  • full control and overview of team tasks, assignments, projects;
  • very simple start and usage.
  1. Help Scout service desk software is easily integrable with your favourite products. It includes more than 50 integrations that you can plug into your workflow. The tool allows businesses to standardize their customers’ responses. And it’s great for the team cooperation and establishing steady relations with current clients and attracting new ones.

Main opportunities:

  • gathering of all clients interactions and feedback into one platform in real time;
  • multiple mailboxes for work across departments or manage several products simultaneously;
  • automation system for repeatable tasks saves team’s time and makes it convenient for clients to find necessary information quickly;
  • spotting trends to prevent issues and customer satisfaction monitoring.
  1. LiveChat is an optimal combination of service help and live chat software in the same tool. You get all functionality out of the box and you don’t need to deal with any additional integration. It’s a fully-featured product to store and manage tickets from multiple sources. You can always modify and test processes to find the best way to use the software.

Main opportunities:

  • keeping track of customer queries and addressing them to responsible for their responding staff;
  • convenient possibility of using after-hours form on your website to enable clients to get in touch with you;
  • possibility to handle many chats and communicative channels at the same time without putting users in a queue;
  • reporting on historic chats and analyzing their impact.

Compare and choose the right service desk software

All these tools give all the features at really affordable prices. The information for the review was taken from official vendor websites and actual experience of real clients. Start any of the software trial for free to evaluate best features and choose the most suitable plan for your enterprise.

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