Customer Database Software

Customer database software allows businesses for collecting client data, keeping up records of executed transactions and projecting future needs. This information is very important for the companies that deal with the same clients repeatedly. The customer database, which is organized well and maintained properly, can make a valuable contribution to increasing sales.

Customer Database Software

The first stage to building a customer database is to choose software that best fits the business needs and company peculiarities. The solution selected should not only store customer information, but also provide its end users with the tools ensuring comfortable and timely use of the information, as well as the opportunity of its analysis to support a better informed and customer-oriented business direction.

Benefits of Customer Database Software

The usage of customer database software in day-to-day activities of a company can provide for the following business perspectives:

  • Time saving. Having chosen a single solution, where all your contacts and customer profiles are being kept, you can save time for searching all necessary information.
  • Sales activity monitoring. An advanced customer database software solution allows for getting insight into your company’s sales analytics to identify new opportunities.
  • Customers service improvement. By keeping track of all the information relating to customers, including their feedback can give you some ideas how to serve customers in a better way.

 Benefits of Customer Database Software

Top 7 Customer Database Solutions

Based on customer database software solutions offered in the Internet, their functionality and users’ feedback we have made the list of the top 7 software packages.

  1. Bpm’online

The first place in the list belongs to bpm’online software offering a powerful customer database solution, which provides the following services:

  • Data enrichment tool that identifies customer information published on Web sites and automatically adds it to the database;
  • Segmentation tool that provides with filtering capabilities using such parameters as industry, requests frequency, priority and others;
  • Duplicates checkout tool helping to find out recurrent data when adding new records;
  • Service history tracking that tracks down each interaction with the customer (calls, emails, tasks, issues, etc.), so that no event is missed within the client relationships;
  • Database analytics used for identifying customer needs and undertaking corresponding actions to improve customer service.
  1. StiboSystems

StiboSystems offers a good solution that allows for getting together customer data obtained by all your business units and departments using a modern STEP platform. This technology ensures access to more accurate, complete and always up-to-date client information.

Using StiboSystems software, you will be able to:

  • Create master data records by combining fragmented customer entities into a single portrait of each customer;
  • Evaluate influence and total worth of each customer by identifying master data records relationships;
  • Enhance master data records by adding critical data received from other business lines or third parties;
  • Make better decisions based on enhanced views of each customer.
  1. Reflect CRM

Reflect CRM Software is an effective tool to build strong client relationships by tracking tasks, notes, interactions and future events. The software package supports both Mac and Windows and allows to:

  • Manage any events and tasks related to each client;
  • Assign reminders for the events;
  • Form customer reports by various filters, print them or save as PDF;
  • Import clients’ details from other databases including Outlook;
  • Get mobile access to the customer database online.
  1. QuickBase

Cloud-based QuickBase solution offers the following opportunities:

  • Customer database management optimization through fast access to the database, which is also available to customers who can track status of service requests. This feature allows solving problems efficiently and quickly.
  • Possibility of creating own unique blocks matching the business processes of the organization. No coding or IT help is required for that.
  • Creation of various automated activities, such as reminders, alerts, notifications, smart forms, etc. It helps to concentrate more on problems solving not spending time on tracking processes.
  1. Square Customer Directory

As a part of Square business processes management software, Square Customer Directory provides for managing and tracking vital client data in the same place. The module has the following features:

  • Possibility to send emails, invoices, or make appointments using the Directory;
  • Adding customers’ details right at the moment of sale;
  • Customers segmentation by their spending habits to achieve more personalized service.
  1. Base

Base enables business entities to keep track of clients, sales leads & other relevant information. The solution uses the following functions:

  • Communication tracking;
  • Forecasting tools;
  • Automation of activities.
  1. Bitrix24

The main advantage of Bitrix24 solution is that it’s free. This customer database is available on cloud or can be installed on a server. There is also a commercial version of the package expanding the limits of 5 GB online storage volume and twelve sales managers. The main features of the solution are:

  • Unlimited number of contacts, leads, deals, invoices, quotes, items of product catalogue, etc.;
  • Customization opportunities (flexible entry forms);
  • Open source code and API;
  • Availability of mobile application.

Selecting a comprehensive solution combining customer profile database, sales data, contacts, calls and emails tracking, one is recommended to pay attention to analytics and forecast opportunities provided by the software package. If a customer database doesn’t support these features, storing fragmented data will not allow you to streamline business processes effectively.

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