Five Superb Business Software Solutions to Enhance Your Business

In order to flourish and succeed, every organization should have well-established workflow, optimized customer communication and detailed insight into business processes. Business process management software is one-for-all solution that will help you to minimize workforce costs and provide your employees with endless opportunities. These five great solutions are considered to be suitable for companies of all sizes.



There is no better way to streamline business processes than bpm’online software. This is a superb solution for organizations of middle and large size that has all basic features:

  • Special design tools that allows creating and modifying business processes of any complexity. You can also create personalized emails, diagrams and files. With preconfigured elements, every user may work with pages and process data as easy as never.
  • Instruments for managing full sales cycle starting from lead and following by long-term partnership.
  • Real-time data processing and suggestion of process-driven decisions which helps to develop business and establish optimal workflow.
  • Task routing: users can see what tasks are being executed at the moment and leave their comments to solve issues together.
  • Notifications, schedules and calendars will help you to keep tabs on events and make sure that noting is missed.

It goes without saying that this business process management platform has user-friendly interface and is compatible with different stationary and portable devices on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc. Users can access the platform anytime, anywhere. They don’t have to be tech-savvy to navigate the program: everything is fairly simple.

CWA SmartProcess


CWA SmartProcess solution is web-based, and aligns management of quality, workflow and business in one tool. It allows for modeling, optimization and publication of documents. When processing data, the software automates business processes, so many routine and repeating tasks can be solved without users: it helps to cut costs on workforce.

There are some unique features, as well:

  1. Creation of process maps where you can publish and describe different processes and help employees become familiar with them.
  2. Fast and easy process modeling is enabled with different symptoms representing various elements (roles, key data, risks, standards and so on).
  3. Automatic control of reviews, approvals and publication together with graphic reports allowing estimating changes in workflow and efficiency.
  4. The check-in/check-out function ensures integration with Office documents.
  5. BPM software portal for fast access to processes, documents and charts.



Being used by hundreds of huge companies around the world, KiSSFLOW BPM solution is praised for its minimalistic and intuitive interface. You can totally customize your dashboard using 14+ fields and more than 45 pre-installed apps. Drag-and-drop tools is a pure pleasure to work with, and any organization can create the business process management system of their dream in a matter of one day – they don’t have to know coding language or possess some deep technical knowledge. KiSSFLOW is as user-friendly as possible.

There is no need to use spreadsheets or emails to get insight into workflows: progress of every item is indicated in the program, and you can track processes in real time with the help of reports. The intelligent BPM tools allow identifying bottlenecks and making the right in-time decisions. To top it all off, KiSSFLOW integrated with more than thousands business process management solutions and applications.


ProcessMap Designer

This open-source business process software that automates tasks and has drag-and-drop feature for customization of applications, and approval-based workflow. With its special document builder, users can create personalized receipts, emails, letters, confirmations, invoices and contracts.

The cloud-based design tool has one interesting peculiarity: users may not only modify and create diagrams using BPMN standards, but also export and import processes of BPMN format. Besides, users can generate multi-language forms without using coding. Users can access the software offline – data will be synchronized later. Another key feature is creation of personalized dashboard based on process and team efficiency indexes.

Just like its analogues, ProcessMaker software is available on monthly payment basis and is present in three versions:

  • Cloud Edition suitable for organizations in need of production-ready business processes and scalability.
  • “On-Premise” Subscription can be used by companies looking for customizable solutions that can be integrated with their current infrastructure.
  • Open Source software can be used in non-mission critical projects, and when a company needs tech support and assistance.


interneermobile_BPM software

Intellect software is a versatile solution that may be applied by organizations seeking for high flexibility and agility. Endless integration opportunities are worth mentioning first and foremost. Intellect platform can integrate via web services, XML and simple LDAP/AD, unify data gathered from different apps and media sources, connect to CRM or other enterprise systems and export data through mobile apps.

Mobile web apps make this BPM solution perfect for users with mobile devices. Use iOS and Android versions to enhance user experience.

These business process management software versions are ideal for organizations that care about convenience of their employees and satisfaction of their customers. If you want to optimize costs and workflow, there is no better option.


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