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sales crm

Any expert can basically say that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term used to describe a business strategy that revolves around the concept of improved customer service. The idea of CRM has to do with all aspects of the company’s relations and communication with its clients regarding any of its services or products. The aim of customer relationship management is to increase the level of customer satisfaction, which, in turn, will result in the increase of the company’s income.

CRM software gathers documents and customer information in a single CRM database to make it easier for organizations and businesses to manage and access it. Some other main functions of this tool are recording of various client requests/complaints that come through phone calls, social media, or email messages, automation of processes such as calendars, tasks, and others, empowering managers with the technologies that can control productivity and performance tied up to the information provided by the system.

Sales CRM systems

Modern-day sales CRM systems are built with sales teams in mind. They are designed to make sales professionals more productive by providing them with the ability to enhance and organize their relationships with clients while giving them excellent visibility into each section of sales pipeline.

The use of direct sales CRM allows not only to acquire new customers but also retain the remaining clients. Businesses can accomplish that only if they have a full picture of their customer relationships. As a result, you can manage your sales processes, from pricing to order processing and delivery. CRM products help you minimize errors, identify potential problems, plan new campaigns and calculate new profits.

4 best sales management software

  1. Bpm’online sales CRM is a cloud- based solution that boosts up efficient sales processes and makes it possible for the company’s employees to control the complete customer journey. This tool has the following characteristics:
  • Your agents can manage your accounts and contacts with the help of this online sales management system. It allows creation of a single data base of all your contact data in order to have a complete picture of your customers. Such information as addresses, telephone numbers, and other contact data is recorded and stored to facilitate your work with clients.
  • Your company will benefit from the completeness of information on your clients, their contact details and their deals. The tool provided by bpm’online allows to set parameters in customer profiles and represent their data in a convenient way. That helps identify important transactions and customers and add details to keep their information relevant.
  • Your employees can perform customer segmentation by numerous parameters in order to enhance communication and develop stronger ties with your clients. You can segment your data by priority, revenue, industry or any other suitable parameter and/or automatically set them to filter out the required information.

Bpm’online sales CRM

  1. SalesWings has come up with its product for those who want to sell more. This company promises that you can get started within 15 minutes and begin to close additional deals within days. This online sales CRM software developed by SalesWings has the following features:
  • This product allows faster work with hot leads. The interface makes it easy for the user to provide timely information regarding marketing leads and hottest leads to your sales teams. Prioritization has been made simple, and your lead penetration will be increased through recommended sales actions.
  • This sales management system offers integration of its solution into your existing tools. Your employees will not have to replace any software in order to start using this SalesWings product. For instance, this tool integrates with existing email programs and marketing automation solutions.
  • The company offers a flexible pricing offer that includes three plans: Growth – for 5 users, Accelerate – for 5 users, and Enterprise – for 30 users. All these plans provide free personal support services in English and in main European languages.


  1. Pipeline Deals claims that it has built its product to assist modern sales teams and make sales professional more productive. This company provides a suite of powerful tools that has the following characteristics:
  • This CRM sales tool helps manage sales teams by eliminating confusion, delays, and redundancy. It is used to consolidate your company’s collective knowledge in one place and gives a framework for joint sales efforts.
  • Most sales teams use mobile applications for sales operations. This solution allows access to critical customer data from any place. Your employees can use their mobile devices to access sales pipelines with no additional costs.
  • This sales management software provides for a single place for all your business relationships. Your agents can import your contact data from any source and store it on one platform. This can help eliminate duplication and make sure that all your sales team members will use the same information.

Pipeline Deals

  1. PipeDrive is an easy way to use sales CRM. This company has developed its product to gain great visibility into your pipeline with the use of its proven methodology. This solution has the following features:
  • This product has a user-friendly interface that prompts you to stay in control, remain organized, or take action. You can gain total visibility into your pipeline with the use of this tool. It provides all the required statistics and has no unnecessary restrictions.
  • This solution is fully customizable and will serve the needs of your unique sales cycle management You can add data regarding your activity types, team members, or sales stages. You can turn off those features that you don’t need at the moment.
  • This software allows deeper insight with visual reports that come with charts and tables. That gives clarity with regard to your team’s performance.




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