Service desk automation systems – Should you implement such products?

Customer service may be the most important area in a company’s activity. Impeccable customer service translates into more loyal clients, and loyal clients translate into increased sales, recommendations and productivity at the same time. A service desk system will boost your customer support department’s ability to work more intelligently, and not harder. In an era in which time is restricted and the limited one must be fructified at the maximum. Below are some reasons why should every company implement such tools.

Service desk automation systems

Provide more value to your customers

Having available a list of FAQ with their answers available on your website, or ready to send to your clients or customers will make them more confident. Also, if you don’t have such means, it your clients will have their peace of mind if you have a system able to send accurate answers to all their inquiries. Many service desk systems offer:

  • Preconfigured answers;
  • Pre-recorded conversations;
  • A set of the most common questions, answered.

These all will make the entire activity of the customer service department easier to handle and more efficient.

Ease communication between departments

Systems like bpm’online, Process Street or Scoro, have integrated some amazing communication features and tools. These systems make communication between departments easier, so once you have a customer on the line, waiting for an answer, you can simply communicate the last updated in their client profile in your company. Many systems of this kind centralise there all information on each of their clients and this way, increase the satisfaction levels amongst them. Some smart communication tools that are integrated in these popular systems are:

  • Communication panel that integrates multichannel communication means, such as e-mails, calls and a company network platform.

bpm’online service desk

Constant support for your customers

With the help of these tools, your customers won’t have to wait anymore for the opening hours in order to receive pertinent answers to their questions. The pre-defined answers will be generated and sent by the system in the most efficient fashion, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Reduced operational costs

These systems will allow your company to cut the personnel that has in their duties the customer support tasks, and this will obviously reduce the costs. Salaries, personnel expenses, night shifts, they all involve plenty of money and these costs can be easily reduced with the help of a service desk application. Consider this option if you were wondering what could you do to decrease operational costs.

Improved reporting and analysis capabilities

These systems are perfect if you want a tool that is able to generate analytics for various purposes. Gathering information from multiple departments, these systems will allow you to have a clearer image on the activity in your company and to develop various strategies that may work more effectively than the current ones.

These are some of the multiple advantages that come with implementing a service desk system. Make sure to select a product available for your particular situation and to assess your company’s necessities before everything else.

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