Top Business CRM Software in 2018

If you are fed up with everyday problems connected with your team and business processes and are searching for a good solution to automate your business and take it to the digital level, you are in the right place. There is no better way to manage your business, than simply deploying a Business CRM system. The customer relationship management system will definitely turn your problems into solutions and the final result will be seen sooner than you have even expected.

Business CRM

CRM market is a huge and developed one. There’s a CRM software choice for every businessman; whether you’re looking for a vigorous CRM software solution, or just a plain tool designed to manage a small business.  Good news is that almost every CRM solution gives an opportunity to try a free version and only after it subscribe for one of its paid plans, this feature is a unique chance to fit your budget and have an opportunity to compare several systems and only after if choose the best one advisable for your business necessities. Another advantage is that CRM systems are suitable for businesses of any size and type, so it does not matter whether you sell goods with your 20 team members or manage an IT company with 200 employees, this system will do all the hard work instead of you.

Still doubt? Keep on reading to get acquainted with several CRM systems and the features and opportunities each of them provides. Our staff has done a thorough research and review of all CRM systems in the market and compiled a list of business CRM tools suitable for different types of businesses.




bpm online

Yes, we have all probably heard of this system, as this business CRM vendor has become a true leader in the market since the day it has appeared in the industry. Bpm’online became so popular among so many businesses due to its unique features and tools which help to leverage your business and take it to the highest level in the industry, check the following link out to learn more. This tool is suitable for businesses of any kind, but it is just a perfect solution especially for small businesses, as it gives an opportunity for a free trial and is among the most economical CRM systems one can consider for his unique business needs. It is flexible, simple, and effective and has a user-friendly interface. It allows creating a single database of all accounts and contacts that you need to deal with in your daily processes, as well as keeping records of all data and always have access to the entire history of interactions.


Zoho CRM



Zoho CRM is another affordable and popular CRM system used by an extensive number of companies worldwide. Zoho CRM is a good solution for businesses of any size, whether you are an owner of a small business or a large corporation, this system will solve your daily needs and requirements by automating and optimizing your workflow. It is designed to help your business grow by attracting potential customers and keeping you in touch with them.


The system has many exclusive tools and features that help you leverage your business, and especially sales, and provide excellent customer service, among them are sales automation lead, as well as contact management, sales pipeline, multichannel support, real-time data, purchase control,. Other great features the software system offers are social media optimization, account regulation and mobile access.




Insightly is another good solution to consider. This solution is best known for its simplicity, amazing and productive features, excellent customer service and other unique opportunities. This CRM tool is definitely a good solution for businesses of any size, but it is just an incomparable system especially for small businesses, as it is one of the most economical solutions. As your business becomes larger, it continues to offer more effective tools and feature to suit your needs, requirements and goals.

This software solution has unique features to manage your business processes, as well as it gives an opportunity to accelerate sales, build strong communication with your current and future clients, and deliver successful projects in time.

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