5 Must-Have Tools for Effective Case Management

Case Management

Once upon a time, they say, case management was simple. Customers used to ring helpdesk, present their problem, wait for a minute or two for an agent to check their account information, and finally hung up with a viable solution in their hands. The clientele was satisfied, and so was the management.

But, things are a bit more complicated today. Instead of a phone, modern-day customers use multiple channels of communications. They comb through self-service knowledge bases, file their complaints via website live chat, and receive their resolutions via email. Plus, wait times typically last for days.

Luckily, new streamlining tools can help customer service reps manage their cases in an effective way. If you’re trying to please your clientele and grow your business further, start with the following 5.

Centralized Case Database

Centralized Case Database

Whatever management system you use, centralization of case and customer data is key. Opt for solutions that unify all necessary information into a single hub, thus keeping it organized and available 24/7. This eliminates the risk of human error, administrative discrepancies, and inconsistent answers.

The best of these tools will allow you to classify your cases by type for easier management, but also to assign different cases to different agents and teams, and regulate and track timelines for individual resolutions. Reps are enabled to communicate with clients and back-office departments in real time.

History of Helpdesk Interactions

In terms of data management, reliable customer service automation systems should act no differently from traditional CRMs – most of their features should be customer-centric, and collect, store, and analyse interactions at each new touch point between a customer and a helpdesk representative.

That’s why the most effective case management tools include not only case databases, but also histories of interactions. For each individual client or case, they help agents stay on top of communication channels like phone calls, emails and live chat, and keep track of resolution activities.

Time Management Tools

Time Management Tools

Almost two-thirds of all customers surveyed for a 2017 Arise Study said that they would wait a maximum of 2 minutes for a case resolution, while 13% of them said that “no wait time is acceptable”. Time is of the essence in customer service, which is why effective tools need time management too.

The best case management software allows agents and management to keep track of individual call and wait times, but also to measure how much time a rep spends on the overall case resolution. Alongside team calendars and time-sensitive task lists, it offers notifications and reminders as well.

Features for Accurate Analysis

In both customer service and case management, there will always be some room for improvement. Since satisfying modern-day clientele is nowhere near easy, companies need to track their helpdesk performance, measure their efficiency, and make continual changes in accordance with found data.

Helpdesk staff productivity, percentage of overdue cases, and customer success levels are just some of the metrics that need to be gauged and analysed for better results. With that in mind, every customer service toolkit needs features for customer feedback collection and accurate analysis.

Process-Based Case Management Suits

While centralized databases, case histories, time management tools, and analytics are deemed as essential parts of any reliable customer service software, process-based management systems may bring your case resolution to a whole new level – they skyrocket efficiency with all the best practices.

Process-based management suits guide helpdesk representatives through the most effective actions required to successfully resolve cases, but not only that. They include all of the aforementioned features as well, thus enabling full control over case resolution and driving your business forward.


If you’re looking to improve the quality and performance of your customer service, look no further than process-based case management systems with these 5 feature sets. It’s certain that they will make your helpdesk staff faster and more productive, regardless of how complex cases at hand are.

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